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The Ohr Fellowships is on a mission to build the Jewish future by reconnecting with its past. Through practical and in-depth Torah learning, inspiring classes , motivating lectures, and community interaction, that sleeping giant called the Jewish soul is ignited. In almost no time, the students begin feeling and understanding what it means to be a Jew, and connect to their Jewish heritage.

The results have been earth shattering! In only two and a half years, one small program in Miami Beach became 5 all over south Florida (with other communities mirroring the Ohr Fellowships model in their own town). They include Miami Beach (boys) Miami Beach (girls) North Miami Beach (boys) Boca Raton (girls) Boca Raton (boys). Attendance each week is between 150-200 students.

For more information, contact

Rabbi Jacob: Miami Beach (boys) tjacob@jecsfl.org.

Mrs Stein: Miami Beach (girls) rstein@jecsfl.org

Rabbi Peled: North Miami Beach (boys) npeled@jecsfl.org

Mrs Bendel: Boca Raton (girls) ibendel@jecsfl.org

Rabbi Richmond: Boca Raton (boys) arichmond@jecsfl.org


There is a requirement to attend at least 10 of 12 classes per semester and at least 1 of 2 Shabbatons per semester. Participants may be asked to return cash stipends to the JEC if they do not adhere to these guidelines.

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