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About JEC

Founded in 2005 by Rabbi Shimon Feder, The Jewish Education Center of South Florida presents a proactive response to the alarming rise of assimilation and Jewish apathy in South Florida by enriching and transforming lives through the beauty of Torah-true Judaism.

We’ve undertaken construction of a new ultra-modern two-story building as a thriving hub of Jewish life for our students. Located minutes from the Florida Atlantic University campus and the Jewish community in Boca where local families open their hearts and homes to students, it will provide large spaces for learning, events, holiday services, Shabbat experiences and even student housing, all under one roof!


JEC Leadership

Rabbi Shimon Feder

Founding Director
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Rabbi Ephraim Weiss

Assistant Director
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Mrs. Ally

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Rabbi Moshe Goldstein

FAU College Program Coordinator
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Rabbi Noach Peled

Ohr High School N Miami Beach Boys Program
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Rabbi Raphael Stohl

Ohr High School Hollywood Program
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Ohr High School Miami Beach/Boca Girls Program
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Rabbi Avrohom Richmond

Ohr High School Boca Raton Program
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Mrs. Barby Harel

Social Media Manager/Ohr High School Program Assistant
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Our New Home

Est. Completion: March 2023

Lecture Hall

Judaica Library


Student Dorm

Hospitality Rooms

Recreational Room

New Building

Personal Experiences

It’s the best program in the world and gave me a second chance at life.

Barby M

I go to temple on Friday nights now.

Dylan G

Camp Nageela is literally the highlight of my son’s year. He attends public school and doesn’t have any Jewish friends at school but has many close Jewish friends at camp.


I want to say what an amazing organization the JEC is and how welcoming they are to Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations. I could not think of a more worthwhile Jewish organization.


I’ve used a Jewish perspective to look at many situations and make many daily decisions.

Eli B

I learned the answers to a lot of things I had wondered about. My friends and I met people that will change our lives forever. Thank you.

Miami Girls Ohr Student

This program makes me want to become closer to G-d.

Michelle J

Camp Nageela is truly amazing! Thank you for giving my girls the scholarship and opportunity in Boca Raton. My girls had a blast and the staff was very professional and caring.


I feel like I’m more in touch with my spirituality and I feel more of an enjoyment in doing certain Jewish things I didn’t before.

Radel S

This program has changed my life. I never used to look forward to Tuesdays, but now I do.

Simon A

Now I have more of an understanding why I do things. I feel like I’ve found purpose in life.

Stephanie J

I never thought I’d get so touched with my Judaism.

Tami F

Understand What It Means To Be A Jew

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